Is everything not going your way yet? We'll get it right.

What doesn't fit yet will be made to fit.

Better results without much effort? We can do that.

If something is not yet going your way, we are happy to be on the spot. We support you in identifying hidden challenges and resolving them. With a large portion of know-how, the correct intuition and a lot of tact. Admittedly: This can also become uncomfortable sometimes because our trained gaze is unsparing - but always remains at eye level. After all, this is the only way we can take a big step forward. You will thank us for it.

Operational analyses

No change without a review of what exists. Food Atelier puts the current state to the test and takes a close look in the following areas:

- Offer

- Cost of goods and procurement of goods

- Pricing / Sales prices

- Productivity / HR

- Quality

- Sustainability

Process optimizations

Whether classic gastronomy or system gastronomy - Food Atelier immerses itself in the experience world of your offer, in front of and behind the scenes. This ensures that we understand the needs, goals and challenges of your business. With our outside perspective and expertise, we can provide valuable optimization suggestions and food for thought.

Rethinking is part of day-to-day business in the hospitality industry.

Change Coaching and Head Coaching  

Change takes time and understanding. As experienced sparring partners, we support you in change management. Under the motto "train the trainer", we strengthen internal communication so that everyone gets on board.

Business plan

To make sure your project doesn't have a bitter aftertaste, Food Atelier helps you create a business plan.

Hospitality with experience

Luca De Lusi

Managing Director

How do we start? Like all good things:
With a coffee.


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