We are forging a master plan.

You have the goal - we pave the way there.

We are at home in the development and advancement of food and gastronomy concepts. We are happy to serve you a concentrated portion of professional knowledge. What would you like?

Offer concepts

Your offer or menu needs a makeover? We take the ingredients that make up your business and combine them with trends, thematic influences and innovative touches.

Recipe development

A good dish is just one piece of the puzzle. Success is in the details. That's why we look closely: Is your offering sustainable? Is it commercially viable and does it match your values? We design and refine your products and dishes and turn them into your ace in the hole. In this way, you will delight your customers and do your budget a big favor.

Kitchen concepts

We have three words for this: system, system, system. We design and optimize work processes and the necessary infrastructure in the bar, kitchen and back office areas. We brief the specialist planners accordingly.

Concepts for table top and merchandise supports

A visual feast as well: Food Atelier creates table-top concepts together with partners that convey the personality and esprit of your brand to the outside world. With the matching merchandise carriers, we skillfully put your products in the limelight. Clear the stage!

Room concepts

What should the design say? What feeling should it convey? For authentic, unmistakable room concepts with character, our interior design professionals are at your side with help and advice. Let the magic happen.

Hospitality with experience

Luca De Lusi

Managing Director

How do we start? Like all good things:
With a coffee.


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