Draw new inspiration.

Together we look beyond the horizon

New things are not created in a quiet chamber, but in exchange, in motion - where life happens, right in the middle. Let's go!


We have already experienced a lot - take advantage of that. Together we will develop ideas that will take you further. They are resource-saving, efficient and effective - ingenious in their simplicity and with a great added value for you and your target group.

To do this, we bring the right people into the project team and put our heads together at workshops and brainstorming sessions. The most important thing is the mindset. Working together gives you new food for thought - because change is a matter of attitude.

We break habits and crack hard shells to get to the core. Because change begins on the inside.

Change of scenery

Bye-bye everyday life: We go on an inspiring journey at home or abroad. We plunge right into the action, absorb new knowledge, strengthen the team and give your company new drive.

Trend scouting

Short-term hype or continuing trend? We are constantly on the lookout for relevant trends and new products. Food Atelier observes the market for you and analyzes the benchmark.

Hospitality with experience

Luca De Lusi

Managing Director

How do we start? Like all good things:
With a coffee.


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